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Седло конкурное  - Kavalkade
Уздечка  "Polan" -  Kavalkade

Седло конкурное "Proteus" - Kavalkade

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The saddle has padded knee rolls and calf cushions which can be adjusted with screws. With square cantle.

Made of high quality greased leather for improved grip, which gets an individual character after a while. The coloration of the different parts can be individually arranged. The saddle with medium deep seat is equipped with a synthetic saddle tree with an elastomer percentage and a shaped steel gullet plate (higher stability), which can be adjusted cold 3cm (further adjustability with hot air). The saddle tree is widened at the seat and very soflty padded for exceptional comfort. 
The back cut of the gullet and the extra wide cushion channel allow for exceptional freedom of movement for the spine. The saddle panels are stuffed with a combination of cotton wool and synthetic wool for longer form stability. They have a large support surface for great pressure equalization providing maximum comfort for the horse. 
The saddle panels can be adjusted individually via separate openings. The saddle comes with chrome leather girth straps.

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